Date Source Lien
14/05/2014 World Nuclear News Half-way point for Fukushima fuel transfer
12/05/2014 Global Post Taiwan in talks with China, France for nuclear waste deals
06/05/2014 BBC News Hinkley Point nuclear power contract ‘may be invalid’
01/05/2014 The Telegraph Cumbrian nuclear plant edges closer with £200m land lease deal
28/04/2014 Australian Network News Taiwan to halt construction at fourth nuclear power plant
25/04/2014 World Nuclear News Final approval for Ostrovets 1 construction work
21/04/2014 Reuters China seen buying Westinghouse reactors for $24 billion nuclear energy projects
11/04/2014 BBC News Japan approves energy plan backing nuclear power
10/04/2014 World Nuclear News CEZ cancels Temelin expansion tender
03/04/2014 BusinessWeek Japan Prepares to Turn Back on (Some of) Its Nukes
26/03/2014 NucNet Belgium Shuts Down Doel-3 And Tihange-2 After Unexpected RPV Test Results
20/03/2014 Heart Hinkley: UN Has “Profound Suspicion” Of Government Over Nuclear Plans
18/03/2014 The Independant Dungeness nuclear power station quietly taken offline for five months over fears of Fukushima-style flood disaster
15/03/2014 Japan Times Fukushima radiation expected at U.S. West Coast beaches soon
14/03/2014 BBC US nuclear site fire ‘was preventable’
10/03/2014 The Guardian Fukushima operator may have to dump contaminated water into Pacific
04/03/2014 World Nuclear News Krško containment vent installed
01/03/2014 Nuclear-news Hundreds protest dropped charges over Fukushima crisis
20/02/2014 The Telegraph New radioactive leak at Fukushima nuclear plant
19/02/2014 Bulgarian Regulatory Agency is ok for the construction of the Belene nuclear power plant
17/02/2014 Eurostat EU primary energy production in 2012
14/02/2014 Business Standard TEPCO detects record cesium level in Fukushima plant groundwater
11/02/2014 The Telegraph MPs attack Sellafield decommissioning as costs hit £70bn
08/02/2014 Rue 89 Nuclear safety issues in EDF power plants
08/02/2014 The Times EDF to extend life of its UK nuclear power plants
03/02/2014 Euronews Hungary’s opposition organises protest against nuclear plant
31/01/2014 The Guardian Sellafield nuclear site has elevated levels of radioactivity
31/01/2014 The Telegraph Nuclear setback as EC attacks Hinkley Point subsidy deal
23/01/2014 Nuclear Safety Authority ASN requires EDF to comply with additional requirements for implementation of the “hardened safety core”
17/01/2014 Euractiv Calls for nuclear-friendly 2030 energy policy

E- Track

20 January 2014
The European Commission has launched the E-Track project in order to enhance public participation in energy issues. The ‘Energy – Transparency Centre of Knowledge’ (E-TRACK) is a joint...