New report on Nuclear Safety in India

7 June 2016
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Greenpeace India today released a report lead by Davidd Boiley, Director of ACRO and member of NTW. The report, titled ‘Red Alert – India’s nuclear disaster plans, outdated and inadequate’,...

PINC: the real picture

23 May 2016
NTW ANALYSIS ON PINC 2016 On 4th April 2016 the European Commission published its latest communication on the Nuclear Illustrative Programme (PINC). The European Commission is required to regularly...

EP&R chapter in IAEA publication

26 July 2016
The IAEA recently published a new “Safety Reassessment for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities in Light of the Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant”. On pages 27-30, there is a...