Management Board

Members of the management board

Nadja Zeleznik, Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute (EIMV), Chair, Slovenia

Portret NADJA

Jean- Claude Delalonde, Chair of French Federation of Local Commission of Information (ANCCLI), Vice-Chair, France


Rebecca Harms, Member of the European Parliament, Greens, Vice-Chair, Germany

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Jan Haverkamp, qualified member, Vice-Chair, Europe

Jan Haverkamp 2

Gilles Heriard-Dubreuil, qualified member, Secretary, France

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Florion Guillaud, ANCCLI, treasurer,France

Florion Guillaud

Jeremy Wates, European Environmental Bureau, European Union

Jeremy Wates

Jean-Paul Lacote, local elected representative of the city of Steinenstadt, France

Philip Kearney, qualified member, Ireland

Philip Kearney

Dr Johan Swahn, Representative of MKG-Swedish NGO office for Nuclear Waste Review, Sweden


Dr Paul Dorfman, UCL Energy Institute, Founder Nuclear Consulting Group