NPP news in Europe

News feed from nuclear power plants in Europe : informations, incidents, … to promote transparency !

Nuclear power plant Date Link
Mühleberg, Switzerland 19/05/2014 Permanent shutdown in 2019 (FR)
Golfech, France 15/05/2014 Fire outbreak (FR)
Cattenom, France 09/05/2014 Ten employees were contaminated (FR)
Golfech, France 03/05/2014 Incident level 1 (FR)
Gravelines, France 25/04/2014 Four of the six reactor units are shut down (FR)
Fessenheim, France 24/04/2014 Electric incident (FR)
Civaux, France 23/04/2014 Incident: fire beginning (FR)
Fessenheim, France 19/04/2014 Two reactors are stopped (FR)
Temelin, Czech Republic 10/04/2014 CEZ cancels Temelin expansion tender (EN)
Blayais, France 03/04/2014 Incident level 1 (FR)
Grafenrheinfeld, Germany 28/03/2014 Permanent shutdown in 2015 (DE)
Doel & Tihange, Belgium 26/03/2014 Doel-3 and Tihange-2 nuclear reactor units are shut down (FR)
Dungeness, United-Kingdom 18/03/2014 Power station quietly taken offline (EN)
Santa Maria, Spain 26/02/2014 Recovery of a nuclear site (FR)
Chooz, France 21/02/2014 Incident level 1 (FR)
Blayais, France 19/02/2014 Incident level 1 (FR)
Gravelines, France 18/02/2014 300 000 hours of maintenance work (FR)

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