12th European Nuclear Energy Forum (ENEF) conclusions

On 01/08, the European Commission published the conclusions of the 12th European Nuclear Energy Forum (ENEF), which took place in Prague in May 2017.

This year, a more participative and engaging format, “the world café” model, was introduced on the first day of the forum and more representatives of civil society were supported to participate, following NTW recommendations.(1)

NTW finds the following general points in the conclusions of special importance:

 The Forum

• Acknowledges that a number of challenges linked with the implementation of the Euratom Treaty priorities were identified, and some challenges are likely to remain for the future, such as the focus on the back end of the lifecycle of nuclear power plants, in particular radioactive waste and spent fuel management and decommissioning, as well as the level of transparency associated with it;

•  Highlights that future initiatives should be undertaken in areas such as:

o ensuring the correct and full transposition and conformity of the Radioactive Waste Directive, amended Nuclear Safety Directive and amended Basic Safety Standards Directive without delay, to ensure fast and visible results for the citizens;

o emergency preparedness & response mechanisms, also ensure cross border and EU level harmonisation of the plans in place in individual Member States;

o ensure increased compliance with highest safety standards and best regulatory practice in the EU, the EU neighbouring and third countries;

o ensure improved application and transparency in the area of investments under Article 41 of the Euratom Treaty (investments), also in the case of long-term operation;

o ensure timely and safe decommissioning of shut-down reactors, with adequate funding available when needed;

Download the conclusions here, or find them on the European Commission website.

(1)See opinion column from Philip Kearney about NGO participation in Bratislava Enef Conference 2016.