The Espoo Convention Implementation Committee asks the UK to suspend work on the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station because of the government’s failure to consult with European countries.

Last year, the Espoo Convention Implementation Committee concluded that the UK had failed to meet its obligations under the Espoo Convention to discuss the possible impact of an accident at Hinkley on neighboring countries.
See the report of the Implementation Committee on its thirty-eighth session, page 21:

The Implementation Committee has now gone a step further and said the UK should consider refraining from further works on the site of the new reactors until an transboundary environmental impact assessment as been conducted. The UK followed the Committee’s suggestion to send out a notification of the project to potentially impacted countries. It even went the extra mile and notified all parties to the Espoo Convention. At date, at least the Netherlands, Norway and Germany have reacted positively on the invitation to participate in a transboundary environmental impact assessment.
See the report of the Implementation Committee on its thirty–fifth session, page 13:

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