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Nuclear power plants in Europe

17 January 2014
Nuclear power plants in operation in Europe
As of January 2013 there is a total of 185 nuclear power plant units with an installed electric net capacity of 162 GWe in operation in Europe (five thereof in the Asian part of the Russian...

Critical Review of the Swedish Stress Tests Report

17 July 2013
Report by Oda Becker The following report presents a review of the Swedish NPPs based on national stress tests report as well as on the country stress tests report . The review details the main...

Position of the nuclear power plants in Europe

17 January 2014
With 85 nuclear power plants and 159 reactors in operation, which represent one third of the global fleet, Europe has the most important nuclear fleet in the world. Afficher Position of the nuclear...

Safety of new NPP designs

17 July 2013
  This report sets out the common positions established by the Reactor Harmonization Working Group (RHWG) of WENRA on the selected key safety issues. The work was initiated and also a major part...